A magnificent public space in Toronto inspired by Terry Fox.

The Legacy Art Project is dedicated to the spirit of courage, determination, and action that Terry Fox embodied. The art and landscape design - which will be revealed in a juried public art competition - will create a waterfront setting to inspire visitors, ignite passion, spark action and create impact.



Until he reached Toronto in July 1980, Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope received scant attention. But as he ran into Toronto that all changed. Thousands lined the streets to cheer him on, as they did the rest of his journey until its fateful end in Thunder Bay two months later.

It will be a place to remember Terry’s legacy, but also inspire generations to model his altriuism and crusading spirit.
— Darryl Sittler, project champion

Over the past three years, an initiative to honour Terry Fox’s heroism, leadership, positive energy and unfailing hope has gained momentum and champions in Toronto. All agree it’s time to recognize Terry Fox’s impact in a prominent, public place in our city. 

As Toronto grows and takes its place on the global stage, this generation has the opportunity to create an iconic tribute on this majestic site. Located mere footsteps from his Marathon of Hope route through Toronto, this installation will inspire and galvanize both current and future generations to continue Terry’s important work. His noble yet selfless pursuit of a cure for cancer has energized countless others toward discovery, innovation and perseverance around the globe over the past 37 years. 

The Legacy Art Project will reflect both Terry’s values and that of Toronto's research community: hope, innovation, inspiration and great optimism. Because Terry stressed his fundraising should benefit innovative cancer research, we would like the art and the landscape to move out of the ordinary into the innovative and exceptional in its design.

There are many powerful, figurative representations of Terry across Canada, including a new one in Richmond Hill. Our hope is that this extraordinary installation will look to the future, not the past, and inspire all visitors with the spirit and ideals that drove Terry on his dream that “Anything is possible if you try.”

We would like to see residents and visitors to Toronto wanting to pause at the site, possibly in reflection and respect for one of Canada’s greatest heroes and leave energized and hopeful for the future.

We have been moved by the unreserved enthusiasm all have expressed for this long-overdue contribution to our city.
— Geri Berholz and Leslie Scrivener, Legacy Art Project's Co-Leads
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